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Peer Review Policy

Manuscript submitted for the 4th ACCESS Proceedings will undergo the following process:

  1. Initial screening: Manuscript that does not meet the scope of the conference will be rejected.
  2. Similarity check: All manuscript that meet the scope of the conference will be checked their similarity to circulated documents by using Turnitin tool. Manuscripts that have similarity more than 25% to circulated documents will be sent back to the authors for revision. Manuscripts that have been published elsewhere will be automatically rejected.
  3. Responsible editors send prospective manuscripts to suitable reviewers. The review process is undertaken single blindly.
  4. Reviewer notes are sent back to the author for correction, or in extreme cases, are rejected if they do not satisfy scientific standard.
  5. Editors collected the revised manuscript and do the proof reading and editing.
  6. Letter of acceptances are sent to the authors whose manuscripts satisfy the standard.
  7. Managing and technical editor do the lay outing of all manuscript prior to submission to publisher.